Just say BOOO!

I have a pet ghost!

Froggy's Halloween.

In the haunted house.

A halloweeny story for you!

The three little pigs. A classic for you!

Even the animals of the circus need to sleep.
I have to say that I don't like circus with animals, but the story is nice.

Sprin has come!

Spring thing. Nice story!

We all go travelling By!

Up, Up, Up in a balloon!

That's the story of two Little ducks.

Now you can enjoy this little tale about a dog  trying to play with a girl. 

Look how this girl is playing with her dog.

We wish you a Mery Christmas!

Peppa pig celebrates Christmas!

What big ears you have grandma! The better to hear you, my dear!
Ears, eyes, teeth...look carefully at your grandma...
might be the wolf!

A tale about a family....uhmmmm
 Let me think just for a moment.

 What about this one: "The three little bears".

This is a video about the name of the animals. Have fun!

That's a short story about a vegetable soup. Enjoy it!

Peppa pig likes dressing up in disguise. 
And  What about you?, Do you like it too?

Enjoy with this fantastic mini episode of Pocoyo.

The steadfast tin soldier... a classic tale from Grimm brothers.

Two stories about Christmas.

If you were a penguin.....really nice!

Oh, I really love this one. We will make it in clase.

Ducklings are yellow! Enjoy the story.

This is a very nice book. I hope you enjoy it!

A classic story is always welcome!

Goldilocks and the three little bears!

Now a story about animals.
I found this story, it's a little bit different from the traditional story and for this reason, it's amazing!

I love this video.
That's about Easter and we are going to work on it in class.

This tale is one of the favourites in all the nurseries worldwide!

This is not a tale but I love the explanation.

The food pyramid. Nice to learn it all !

Look at what I found for you!

Toy Story, but in a different way!

Now, a beautiful story: "Counting Christmas."

A new story, listen and enjoy it!
The three little bears!

Now another tale for you...

The tales and traditional stories for children.

We start with the favourite of our children!

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