Parent's Corner

The best Halloween video ever!

Ngala the lion- African animal Bed time story.
Enjoy it!

The year's at the Spring.

Have a nice Christmas. Lots of love!

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

I am not use to talk about this kind of things but this article is very interesting and give us very good advices.
For all the new parents, read that. It might help you!

Enjoy with this classic movie about spooky scary skeletons!

This song shows us how the children must learn a different behavior depending of the place in which they are. Home and school have different rules but it is easy to follow if you pay attention! The important thing is to be very happy in both of them.

Here you will find some videos wich I find interesting for you to see with your children. I hope you'll enjoy it. Have fun!

Hello again and welcome!

A very interesting video. Enjoy it!

Christmas time! 

This story is very, very nice!
You can watch it with your daughter or son, and enjoy together with this beautiful tale. I hope you enjoy it!

Spring is everywhere! Enjoy the video!

A good advice for parents that want to introduce more veggies in the diet of their children.

Travel vocabulary.

This video is perfect in order to learn about the vitamins and other things that the fruits and vegetables have.

 Maybe some parents will find it useful, nice or simply curious.

 The level of difficulty will be easy enough to understand with only  a basic knowledge of English.

In this section I'm going to publicate the things that I found,  but because of its difficulty are not recommended for little children.