Lots of vocabulary about Halloween!

Don't be afraid of monster!
They only want to play with you!

Listen and repeat! 

Halloween vocabulary!

Counting animals and much more!

Farm and wild animals names.

Spring vocabulary

Revising the vocabulary one more time!

Transportation vocabulary
Enjoy it!

Look at this! Do you like food?

Let's learn about food!
Enjoy the new vocabulary!

Larry is very funny. Enjoy it!


Reinforce the knowledge!

Christmas vocabulary!

Body parts!

Vocabulary about Halloween!

Vocabulary about easy things. Just for starting the process!

More about animals!

Action verbs. It's time to play.

Food are yummy. Eat them all!


Opposites chant


Christmas vocabulary!

A little bit of ...body parts. Just listen and repeat.

Yellow things! Learn it all with me.

Some basic instructions.

Learn school vocabulary.

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Easter vocabulary
In the garden.

More vocabulary about the lesson.

Time to learn some vocabulary about fruit.
The chameleon is so funny.! I love it.!

More vocabulary about emotions.

This one is easier!


Some basic things!

Body parts

Halloween time

In this section we will find the vocabulary for different topics.
You may listen and then repeat the word as many times as you need.

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