Twenty scary things!
Do you dare to count so far? 

Wonderful skeletons counting while dancing.
Help them count!

Counting halloween  themed numbers is great fun!
We can make magic together!

Halloween things are the most fun in this time of the year.
 Enjoy it and don't be scared about it!

Oh, look at these video! 
Poor baby panda, can you help her?

Before I go to school every morning there are some things that I need to do.

You can say hello in many languages!

Greeting song!

Say hello to everyone is important!

We start a new topic for this curs: Maners at the school.

Animal sounds to learn!
Top best pets for kids. Enjoy it! 

Spring thing!
That's a little bit difficult but it is worth it!



Food vocabulary!

Are you thirsty?

Fruits for everyone!

Toys and much more!

Christmas time!

That's very easy to do!

Now, it's time for you to move your body.
Shake and wiggle! Have fun!

Counting with Count Dracula!
Sesame street! Wonderful!

Counting backwards from five to one.
That's very nice to do!

Halloween time!
Play this memory with me!

The family tree.
More vocabulary!

In this section I will collect some videos about the topics we will mention at class.

We start with the family.

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