Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate!

Skeletons dance!

Five little spooky ghosts!

To spooky for me!

Spooky spooky is our favorite.

Halloween songs are the most fun of all!

What do you see?

"The wheels on the bus"
 Nursery Rhymes with animals.

Easy song! Let's sing together!

Spring is here!

Yellow Submarine!

A Classic for you!
And you can visit London to!

Easy dialogue!

English lovely songs!

Two songs about toys.

Little snowflake, so tender!

Family finger in Christmas time!

Christmas carols!

Another version, very nice too but for 4 years old!

Body parts song for babies and parents!
This version of the tune is more for 3 years old children.

This one is the favorite of the children. Spooky, Spooky...

There are many songs about Halloween, here you are some of my favorites.

What about your family? They love you for sure!
Do you love them?

Do you know what the animals say?

The weather song. Have fun.

If you are a boy...


Santa is his name-o!

Christmas is a very special time in the year. Enjoy it!

Let me be your personal penguin...

Now it's time to revise another color...


We also have been working about body parts. 
This song is very nice. Enjoy it.
"Everybody has a body"

Before we learn more colors, we will revise the greetings with this song. You'll love it.

Now we can dance this one.

Yellow is a bright color.

Can you tell me what's your name?

Say hello is very important! 
Let's start with this easy song! 

This song is fantastic to sing and dance at the same time.
Let's do it together!

This song is so funny and very funny too!

You cannot forget about our five little monkeys!

Incy wincy is a classic song, I like it!

Songs about animals? I found many, but here are my favorites.

An Easter song!
 Here comes Peter Cottontail with Easter eggs for you!

This song is very nice too. I love it!

A song about spring! Try to recognize some words!

Old Macdonald had a farm!

Another song about food. 
Sing along with me!

Revising the colors too, with this song is so easy! 

Healthy food will make you smile!

With this song you can recognize all the emotions,
but don't worry because you will feel ok in a short while.

A very funny song for you.

Let's sing along with me!

Little snowflake!

Jingle bells !

This is a clasic song. I hope you enjoy it!

Christmas songs for you!

"Five little monkeys"
We really love this song!

I see colors everywhere!

What's your name!

I really love English songs. Sing and have fun!

Sing and learn the colors!

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